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Collection of personal information

INFINITT Healthcare("INFINITT") provides overview on how we use your information and gains your approval for collecting your information.

Regarding the collection of your information, we offer a process where you can agree or disagree to our privacy & leagal notice(by checking "Agree" button).

Your indication of agreement to this policy on a sign-up page will be regarded as your agreement to our collection of your information.

The information we collect is used for INFINITT.

Information we collect and how we collect them

To provide convenient and customized information for you in using INFINITT service, INFINITT collects the information as the following:
* Information you provide directly to us: when you sign up for INFINITT account, Sales Request, Demo Request, or contact INFINITT,
   INFINITT may collect the following information from you.
  - Sales Request
    * Critical Information: Subject, First Name, Last Name, Email, Country
    * Optional Information: Salutation, Company, Position, Street, City, State/Privince, Zip/Postal code, Phone Number, Facility Type, Product of Your Interest,
                                      Estimated Date of Purchase, Follow Up Preference, Receive Emails, Comments
  - Demo Request
    * Critical Information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Salutation, Organization, Product of Your Interest, Estimated Time of Purchase, Current PACS User,
                                    Vendor(s) presently considering
    * Optional Information: Comments
Use of information

INFINITT uses all the information collected from INFINITT service to provide, maintain, protect, and improve INFINITT services, develop new services,
and to protect INFINITT and its users, as the following:
* INFINITT announces the release of new products, software updates, and planned events, using the collected information.
* We use the information for manufacturing, developing, operating, providing, and improving products, services, content, advertisement,
   and preventing loss and fraud.
* We may use your personal information such as birth date, for the purpose of personal identification, supporting personal identification,
   and identifying appropriate services.
* In certain cases, we may notify you of issues regarding your purchase using your personal information, and important updates such as changes in INFINITT notice.
* We may use the information for internal use such as audit, data analysis, investigation for improving products and services of INFINITT,
  and customer communications.
All information you provide to us will not be used for the purposes other than necessary for smooth operation of INFINITT.
We will ask your agreement/approval in advance, when the scope, use purpose, usage of the collected information.

In case you refuse to agree, you will not be able to use INFINITT service.

I consent to provide my personal information.

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