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As the founder of INFINITT Healthcare and Chairman of the Board, I would like to thank our valued customers for their long standing loyalty and support.


Since our first PACS was introduced in 1997, INFINITT has been helping healthcare providers deliver timely and accurate medical diagnoses, and supporting researchers who contribute to the cure of diseases. We now play an important role in the delivery of healthcare in 51 countries around the globe.


When INFINITT Healthcare set out to develop PACS technology, it faced many challenges. We have earned our success by working diligently in R&D, and with imaging professionals in clinical environments. Bolstering our accomplishments, South Korea has developed a technology-driven economy and put forth a consistent effort to promote the advancement of healthcare IT.


INFINITT takes pride in its contribution to the development of PACS technology, from the early years of digital imaging to the present, where our PACS supports diagnosis and treatment in real time. We are also proud of the recognition we have received for superior customer service, with INFINITT PACS ranking #1 in the Best in KLAS Awards: Software and Services report for the U.S. Community Hospital market for four consecutive years.


INFINITT Healthcare is and will remain committed to improving world health through technology advancement and the highest levels of customer support.


Thank you.


INFINITT Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ki Tae Hong


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