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INFINITT Healthcare has R&D teams of competitive developers who have great skills and expertise in the field. The R&D Center is committed to providing more improved and innovative medical imaging solutions.


World-class medical imaging & information technology

• Completely compliant with international standards such as DICOM, HL7, IHE, and HIPAA

• Extensive experiences in developing PACS, 3D, RIS, CDIS and original technologies relevant to the systems

• Successful development of the next generation INFINITT PACS




Excellent R&D resources

• Over 120 outstanding researchers and developers in R&D







+ 17 years of experiences
• Delivers solutions and services to all facilities from small imaging centers to large 

• Acknowledged by over 3,500 health institutions
• Conducts a number of governmental projects






Systematic R&D management system 
• Adopted a R&D project management tool
• QC systems that meet global market needs

• Acquired ISO 13485, KGMP certification system, and CMMI (Level 3)


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