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Xelis 3D

Xelis 3D offers advanced 3D visualization
and analysis tools.


Xelis 3D is a general 3D solution that visualizes 3D images from large volumes of image data, speedily and conveniently. Its diagnostic function allows users to easily find various abnormalities, including lesions. As Xelis 3D can be used in diagnostics of all areas, users can make diagnosis effectively and accurately from an angiogram, venogram, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, musculoskeletal imaging to hepatobiliary imaging using Xelis' advanced 3D capabilities.


Key Features
• 3D volume rendering, MIP/MinIP/MPR, slab rendering
• Automatic extraction of vessels in the abdomen, brain, extremities
• Automatic measurement of the thickness and size of vessels where lesions are suspected to exist
• Automatic segmentation and volume sizing of the organs such as the lungs and kidney

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