Xelis Fusion

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Xelis Fusion

Xelis Fusion enables clinicians to fuse
multimodality studies, visualize 3D
fused images and perform quantitative
analysis with speed and accuracy.


Xelis Fusion achieves accurate multimodality image fusion (e.g., CT-PET, MR-PET) and provides visualization of 3D fused images for conducting qualitative analysis. With both automatic and manual fusion methods, the solution achieves accurate location of lesions and reading of the images, with increased accuracy of diagnosis.

Xelis Fusion supports three methods (BW, LBM, and BSA) for SUV (Standard Uptake Values) of PET images.




Key Features
• Fusion of any combination of PET, CT, and MRI
• Qualitative analysis tools and image navigation function
• 3D Region Of Interest (ROI) SUV (Standard Uptake Value)
• User-configurable layouts for prior-current study comparison
• Comparison of maximum SUV change between prior and current studies
• Multiple user-defined color maps
• Adjustable AC brightness and background intensity
• PET-CT can be restored in PACS (MPR captured, a single screen or whole image set)
• PET-CT SUV analysis
   - Weight, muscle mass, body surface methods
• Multi-Modality medical imaging fusion
• Automatic & manual fusion methods
• Compare mode for pre- and post- studies (follow-up studies)
• Various color presets

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