Xelis Lung

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Xelis Lung

Xelis Lung offers essential tools for the
evaluation of the lungs & lung nodules.


Xelis Lung is a 3D solution useful for chest MDCT image reading and diagnosis. Its pulmonary nodule detection rate is higher than 80% (including nodules and Ground-Glass Opacity (GGO)). Xelis Lung can enhance the accuracy of pulmonary diagnosis.




Key Features

• Automatic nodule detection
  - Serves as a second opinion in detecting pulmonary nodules from MDCT images
  - High detection rates of
 80% or higher (solid nodules (diameters > 3mm) and GGOs (diameters > 6mm)

• Follow-up review
  - Prior and current chest CT results comparison

• Improved work productivity
  - Integrated 2D/3D zoom screen

  - Compare prior and current images (detecting nodule growth rates, which can be a sign of malignancy)
  - Reading and recording of regions suspicious of having pulmonary nodules from MDCT images

  - Distinguishing and analyzing solitary pulmonary nodules (SPN) and Ground-Glass Opacity (GGO)
  - Automatic measurement of 3D nodule volume (easy detection of nodules adjacent of the vessels,
    volume, diameters, mean/maximum/minimum HU)

  - Compare mode for pre- and post- studies (follow-up studies) and RECIST (Response Evaluation
    Criteria in Solid Tumors) 1.0/1.1

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