Xelis Perfusion

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Xelis Perfusion

Xelis Perfusion provides reliable and high-
contrast color maps with quantitative results.


Xelis Perfusion is a blood flow imaging solution, analyzing the perfusion status of patients with ischemic stroke through dynamic contrast-enhanced CT images.

Xelis Perfusion provides high contrast color maps images with automatic calculation and analysis of various quantitative measures, such as cerebral blood volume (CBV), cerebral blood flow (CBF), mean transit time (MTT), time to peak of tissue (TTP), and time maximum intensity projection (tMIP).



Key Features 

• Automatic extraction of the brain regions
• Speedy and accurate artery and vein detection
• ROI (Region of Interest) statistics

  - Multi-location ROI, graphs, tables
• Easy and intuitive visualization of cerebral blood flow status with color perfusion maps with measures
  such as CBF, MTT, and TTP

• Cerebral vessel removal and mirror ROI function




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