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INFINITT Cardiology

INFINITT Cardiology is a web-based
suite of clinical and reporting tools for
cardiology, cardiovascular and
vascular imaging.


INFINITT Cardiology is a web-based suite of image visualization, clinical and reporting tools for cardiology, cardiovascular and vascular imaging, EKG, and Nuclear Medicine (NM). INFINITT Cardiology can be used either as a standalone system, or fully integrated with INFINITT PACS. By installing a distribution server, the suite allows users to share images and reports between different enterprises.



Key Features
• Display and analysis of various cardiac images
  - Angiography, EP, IVUS, OCT, echo, ECG, treadmill, Holter, BP, MR, CT, NM 
  - Interfaced with TomTec (3D, 4D echo), Corridor4DM (NM), CAAS, MEDIS (angiogram) 
• Easy report creation with auto-populated measurements and interpretations
• Statistical analysis with report data search and extraction functions
Cardiac Catheterization/CVIS
 INFINITT Cardiology offers convenient image management and analysis tools for catheterization    
  images, and ease of submission of data to data registries.
• INFINITT Cardiology offers specialized functionality for echocardiography to improve productivity
  and workflow of the cardiology department, ultimately increasing the quality of patient care.

• INFINITT's EKG management system offers functions for advanced viewing, analysis, and reporting.

Nuclear Medicine

• INFINITT Cardiology offers manipulation and processing of raw data from any workstation, and the
  capability to store raw and already processed data from a stand-alone system.


Non-Invasive Vascular
• INFINITT Cardiology offers specialized functions for non-invasive vascular labs and ultimately
  improves the productivity of the labs and the quality of patient care.

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