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INFINITT EKG offers advanced viewing
functionality, analysis tools, and


INFINITT EKG provides display of wave data and diagnostic results in various modes and styles. The display modes can be customized to match the device output. Its viewer offers annotation and measuring tools, wave speed and amplitude manipulation, as well as customizable reports.



Key features

• Easy patient information search in a user-friendly layout

• Patient information and data displayed in one screen

• Notification function when changes in prior data management, utilization of equipment, and
  information occur

• Various display modes for different vendors' styles (GE, Philips, etc.)

• User ID and password protection

• Slide show of EKG data

• Thumbnail display

• Overlap and comparison function of two or more datasets

• Magnification, Reduction and Zoom function for a region of interest
• Image segmentation by specific times

• Interfaces with HIS/EMR report and Radiology PACS/Cardiology PACS report

• Bi-directional data interface  

System Architecture

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