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INFINITT Dental PACS is a web-based image
management solution with visualization and
analysis tools for dental practice.


INFINITT Dental PACS is a completely web-based image management solution for dental practice, with PACS, Dentigate and 3D post-processing capabilities all operating on a single platform. INFINITT Dental PACS offers visualization and analysis tools optimized for the dental department, while also supporting an integrated viewing environment.



Key Features
 Maintaining the same level of resolution and quality with image acquiring modalities
 Interfaced with all major dental modalities including CBCT
 Multiple security and access control methods optimized for academic research purposes
 Image data storing and re-filming function for review and QA report
 Digital dictation, document scan, CD/DVD burning, and voice recognition function
 Integrated with HIS and RIS via HL7 interface
 User configurable setting, worklist wizard, and advanced hanging protocol
 DICOM GSPS (Grey Scale Presentation State) 
 FMX mode for IO Images

• Dentigate is a system that transfers dental images from panoramic and cephalometric devices or
  intraoral sensors to the PACS server in dental hospitals/clinics
 Integrated with various intraoral sensors and panoramic and cephalometric devices
• Image confirmation and re-filming function
• DICOM Send
• FMX mode for IO Images
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