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Xelis Dental

Xelis Dental displays dental images with
advanced implant simulation and analysis.


Xelis Dental is dental implant simulation software which allows users to view standard (DICOM)-based 3D images. The solution helps users to reduce the risk of nerve canal damage by marking the mandibular nerve canal and to implement treatment plans more safely and accurately by providing a bone density measurement function in the implant placement area.



Key Features

• 3D procedure planning tools

  - Implant simulation, nerve canal drawing, bone density measurement, etc.

 Various MPR functions and VR (shading on/off) images

  - Rotating axes, oblique MPR, cross-sectional, general curve

 Panoramic images and cross-sectional images

 Real implant models and various implant libraries

 Image layout for TMJ

 Job save to save work process

 Report, DICOM Print, and CD/DVD Burning

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