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INFINITT Mammo PACS is a comprehensive
PACS optimized for mammo imaging.

INFINITT Mammo PACS provides an optimized design and features for mammography imaging as well as comprehensive PACS. The solution offers various tools for managing large datasets and enhancing image quality and the effectiveness of diagnosis.

This web-based solution allows users to use it anywhere both in and out of the clinics/hospitals. When used in the radiology department, users can integrate the digital mammography images into the workflow of the radiology department.


Key Features
• Mammography dedicated layout
• Displays digital mammography CAD findings
• Supports Values of Interest (VOI) and Look Up Tables (LUT)
• Maximized accuracy with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Viewing Module
• Supports Mammo Hanging Protocol Loop Sequence 
   - Compares the current and prior images
• Rapid image loading and large dataset management
• INFINITT Mammo Viewer dedicated keypad

Diagnostic Confidence
• Supports 10-bit display on 5 mega pixel grayscale monitors
• Supports mammo CR images as well as mammography images
• Easy use of 2D/mammographic functions on a single viewer
• Viewing of prior images and reading results on a single viewer
• Prompt and easy diagnosis with Digital Mammography CAD Overlay
• Clear filter improves image clarity for better cancer detection

Increased Productivity
• User-friendly mammography viewing tools
   - Clear filter
   - Justification and Auto Sizing
   - Mirrored Function
   - Quadrant Zoom in 1:1 full resolution
   - Image Navigator

INFINITT Mammo Keypad
• System Requirement: OS (Windows XP, Vista 7), USB 1 port
• Button: LED Backlight
• Trackball
• INFINITT Mammo Viewer dedicated Keypad

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