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INFINITT RIS is a smart radiology workflow
management solution, which adapts well to
any type of imaging environment.


INFINITT RIS is a web-based suite which computerizes the overall workflow of the radiology department from registration to exam reservation, filming medical images, and creating reports. The system improves work efficiency of the department and management of patient information more systematically.

INFINITT, since the introduction of the system in the U.S. in 2005, is now providing INFINITT RIS worldwide, including Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.






Key Features
• Compliant with international standards including HL7, DICOM, and IHE.
• Web-based solution which is easy to use, monitor, and install
• Rule-driven smart scheduling
• MS Word and HTML-based report templates and support for tablet devices
• MS Word-based viewing, reporting and result distribution
• Mammo/Lung screening, reporting and tracking modules
• Physician portal and patient portal

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