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Now you can view PACS images and
reports from anywhere on any web browser.
ULite is simple, easy, and light.

INFINITT ULite is a HTML-5 based zero-footprint viewer, which enables users to view images on most of the recent web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mac OS Safari or Mozilla Firefox. By being integrated with INFINITT PACS, this viewer allows users to access PACS images and report data from anywhere, as it doesn't require any software installation or plugin.





Key Features
• DICOM, DICOM multi-frame image display
• Quick image display through real-time image buffering
• Image manipulation functions in a toolbar
  - Zoom, Pan, Windowing, Imaging Scroll, Reverse/Flip, WWL/WWL Preset,
    Hounsfield Unit/Measurement (Caliper) 
• Various layout and display modes
  - Image Mode, Series Mode, Multiple Modality Layouts, Compare Mode
• Report viewing (Text, PDF)
• Supports mobile, tablet devices (iOS, Android)
• Supports EMR call parameters
Supported web browsers and mobile devices
• Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
• Chrome 16.0 or higher
• Safari 5.1 or higher
• Firefox 9.0 or higher
• iOS 7.0 or higher
• Android Jellybean or higher

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