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Xelis is INFINITT's advanced 3D
diagnostic support system, enabling you
to achieve enhanced visualization and
better treatment planning.


Xelis, INFINITT's 3D Diagnosis Support System is an advanced visualization software designed to reconstruct large size datasets into 3D images. The volume rendering and other post-processing techniques of Xelis achieve enhanced visualization and treatment planning.

Unlike existing 3D solutions, Xelis can be conveniently used in ordinary PC environments. It supports DICOM standards and can be easily integrated with INFINITT PACS to enable users to share medical images and information seamlessly.







Key Features
• Easy integration with INFINITT PACS
• Including basic 3D modules as well as modules specialized for various clinical departments
  - Xelis 3D
    Advanced 3D visualization and analysis tools with one-click functionality
  - Xelis Cardiac
    Easy and powerful 2D, 3D and 4D tools for coronary CT angiography and left/right
    ventricle analysis
  - Xelis Fusion
    Tools to fuse multimodality studies, visualize 3D fused images, and perform quantitative analysis
    with speed and accuracy
  - Xelis Lung
    Essential tools for the evaluation of the lung and nodules and comparison of serial studies
  - Xelis Perfusion
    Reliable & high contract color maps with quantitative results
• User interface optimized for user configuration to realize 3D images easily
• Concurrent User Access
• Flexible license type
  - Full Package
  - Single modules
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