Xelis Thin Client

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Xelis Thin Client

Thin, fast, anytime, anywhere.

Xelis Thin Client System realizes 3D images anytime, anywhere. The system can be used by being integrated with INFINITT PACS. When activating 3D capabilities, its thin client viewer is automatically downloaded and updated, without needing to install any software.
The system does not require high-specification client PCs. It can be used on PCs or laptop computers with Windows XP SP3 or higher.

→ DICOM Image Data
→ Captured Image & Job Save data
Key Features
• When used with PACS
  - Powerful 2D viewer & worklist
  - Supports hanging protocol
    Displays images on the user-defined layout, tool, and rendering type, by modality or body part
  - Comparison of prior images by automatic loading
  - Process and management of large volumes of data

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