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Now experience a more efficient workflow
with many value-added features of INFINITT
Vet PACS at your veterinary practice!


With increasing numbers of people who have pets, veterinary medicine is also evolving. Many vet clinics are showing interest in digital imaging modalities and PACS, and adopting the new technologies.

INFINITT Vet PACS is a digital medical imaging solution designed for veterinary medicine. Through the solution, X-ray, MRI, or CT images of companion animals can be stored and viewed in real time on PC, laptop, or smart mobile devices.





Key Features

 Shortened waiting time to take imaging tests

 No need to develop hardcopy image films
 Convenient management of medical images digitally

 Enhances communication between providers and pet owners

• Supports transferring of medical images via CD, USB, or online, when pets need to be transferred to
  other hospitals
• Easy integration with any medical information system by compliance with international standards
• Web-based solution running on a single database platform
• With JIT (Just In Time) loading, large volumes of series images can be viewed

• With the progressive display feature, images can be viewed even with slow network speed

 Efficient use of storage by supporting Temporary Image Volume
 Advanced Hanging Protocol for supporting the automatic arrangement of various study images

 Prompt and accurate data migration

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