INFINITT Smart Net for Dental Radiology

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INFINITT Smart Net for Dental Radiology

Dental Imaging & Information Exchange

INFINITT Smart Net for Dental Radiology is a cloud based imaging service to support the dental radiology community with online management of imaging requests and exchange of all dental images for specialist viewing, referral and diagnostic reporting. 


It delivers the same dedicated web-based image management solution being used in NHS Dental Hospitals and private practices

INFINITT Smart Net for Dental Radiology is an all-in-one cloud service that enables real-time viewing, sharing, scalable storage, and status monitoring of dental images and reports optimized for the dental community including radiologists who require remote reporting access, endodontists, implantologists and imaging centres.


• Reduced investment cost via and an attractive cost model based on annual examination numbers

• Online access to images & reports in real time
• Improved online workflow for dental radiologists, referring dentists and CBCT imaging centers 
• Unified user access to all CBCT, Panoramic Cephalometric and digitized I/O

Improved diagnostic accuracy with INFINITT software toolset and Xelis 3D Dental for CBCT

Faster patient care 

Fully automated referral à imaging à report workflow 


Advanced Features 

• INFINITT Smart Net for Dental Radiology provides an integrated user-interface for dental imaging

  from all major DICOM  CBCT, Panoramic and Cephalometric scanning devices.

• INFINITT Dentigate can interface with IntraOral CCD devices and film scanners to display

  unique automated FMX acquisition position templates.
• INFINITT Xelis provides native 3D CBCT viewing and advanced visualisation tools for reporting,

  implant and surgery planning. 
• INFINITT Physician Portal enables referring dentists to create diagnostic referrals and monitor

  the status.

* INFINITT Smart Net for Dental Radiology is currently available only in UK.

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