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Cloud PACS RIS & Online Radiology Referral Portal

INFINITT Smart Net provides a cloud-based PACS RIS service with convenient features to share radiology images and diagnostic reports.

INFINITT Smart Net is a fully managed PACS RIS service hosted in the cloud. 

• Real-time scheduling, management and sharing of medical images for convenient viewing and remote diagnostic reporting

• For imaging centers, Smart Net includes INFINITT’s online PACS image management solution, zero-footprint clinical viewer and secure image sharing functions.

• Xelis 3D advanced visualization and PACS analytical tools include specialist support for radiology, cardiology, orthopedic, dental, NM and mammography, both imaging and digital reporting.

• INFINITT PACS and integrated RIS are as used in NHS hospitals. The pay-per-use model via INFINITT Smart Net for private practices provides radiologists with a proven, standards-based, worklist driven diagnostic report workflow.

Because INFINITT Smart Net is managed centrally by INFINITT in secure N3 accredited data center in the UK, users can experience the most up-to-date version of INFINITT PACS & RIS in a stable manner, anytime, anywhere without the need for your own server structure. INFINITT Smart Net is a service with the benefit of a pay-per-use agreement based on anticipated examination volumes to minimize running costs. A modest set up fee includes system integration and provision of customized user templates and a personalized interface to present the service professionally to others in your primary and secondary care network.

The service is based on the latest INFINITT PACS, RIS and advanced visualization modules as used by private clinics, NHS hospitals and some of the largest teaching hospitals around the world. 

INFINITT Smart Net service is standards-based with full DICOM support and HL7 information system interface. Furthermore, INFINITT offers local device interface solutions for non-DICOM image or electronic data capture devices beyond radiology. Data is secured with measures such as encryption, double backup, and an intrusion prevention system. Also, as there is no need for extra staff for operation of the system, users can enjoy the benefits of cost saving, while using the latest clinical software features from INFINITT, an international clinical software developer and healthcare systems integrator with over 5,200 installations globally.

 Improved case handling times for faster patient care
• Exchange clinical images and diagnostic reports between physician, imaging clinic, and radiologist
• High-quality medical image management services with dynamic PACS & RIS
• Cost reduction by managing medical images effectively
• Flexible online storage and backup
• Ideal for medical facilities requiring reduced or minimum IT infrastructure cost and maintenance 
 Unified online workflow
• Remote online Viewing 
• An online Practitioner Portal module facilitates referral of patients for imaging or image reporting.
• Interface and referral templates personalized for your private practice
• Consistent radiology referrals and requests (with supporting-data upload function) 

INFINITT Smart Net Service & Connectivity Workflow
INFINITT Smart Net offers various capabilities such as tale-radiology, image sharing across enterprises, and double backup.

Cost Reduction
 Reduced IT costs
• It is based on pay-per-use system. It costs only at the initial setup and system integration fee for upload. 
• Monthly data transfer quota up to 50GB included
• Short term data storage management included (90 days) 
• Longer term storage archive by agreement 

• INFINITT Smart Net center security system: firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
• DICOM and data channel security with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
• Online backup
• Image control capability

• Accessibility via the Internet to web-based PACS
• Zero-footprint viewer with multi-browser support
• Secure portal access for stakeholder collaboration

• 24/7 real-time monitoring system
• 99.9% uptime guarantee

• Continuous solution upgrade and ad block function

Recognized Quality
•  ISO27001 accredited & N3 certified network

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