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No initial cost. Pay per use.

INFINITT Smart Net provides a cloud-based PACS service.


INFINITT Smart Net is INFINITT's unique cloud-based PACS service. Users can experience the most up-to-date version of PACS in a stable manner, anytime, anywhere, with a pay-per-use system without up-front fees.

The service is based on the latest INFINITT PACS, a highly recognized solution as shown in its history of being ranked #1 in KLAS reports in the Community Hospital market from 2009 to 2012, as well as in the Ambulatory PACS in 2013. 

The INFINITT Smart Net service is secured with measures such as encryption, double backup, and an intrusion prevention system. Also, as there is no need for extra staff for operation of the system, users can enjoy the benefits of cost saving while using the newest technologies.



• High-quality medical image management services with INFINITT PACS

• Cost reduction by managing and storing medical images effectively
• Most suitable for medical facilities without operational staff
• Reduced cost of the initial introduction of PACS



INFINITT Smart Net service & connectivity workflow

The INFINITT Smart Net service offers various capabilities such as tele-radiology, image sharing across enterprises, and double backup.


Cost reduction

• No initial investment is required as there is no need for purchasing costly servers.

• It is based on pay-per-use system. It costs only at the initial upload. Data storing for the next five years
  is free of charge




• Smart Net center security system: firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

• DICOM and data channel security with Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

• Online backup

• Image control capability



• Free mobile PACS
• Accessibility via the Internet by web-based PACS




• 24/7 real time monitoring system
• 99.9% uptime guarantee




• Continuous solution upgrade and ad block function

Recognized quality

• Ranked #1 in the Community Hospital market for four consecutive years (2009-2012) and in the
  Ambulatory PACS in 2013 by the renowned KLAS report.

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