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Consulting & Technical Service

Guarantees responsive and reliable customer services

INFINITT's service is focused on maximizing customer satisfaction. We provide system implementation and real-time technology support to promptly meet your needs. Also, with the HL7 gateway compliant with International standards, INFINITT's solutions are made interoperable with any vendor's HL7-compliant RIS, HIS, EMR, and billing systems.


Trust in our rich experience

INFINITT has provided PACS and services to more than 3,500 healthcare institutions worldwide. With the accumulated know-how we gained from wide-ranging customers of all sizes, from clinics to regional hospitals, we offer exceptional capabilities in PACS consulting and system integration.



Areas of PACS consulting


System Integration

INFINITT provides systematic and efficient system integration to maximize the performance of PACS. INFINITT has gained a great deal of know-how through extensive system implementation experiences with diverse types of healthcare institutions. Moreover, another advantage of INFINITT's service is the reduced time spent in system integration.



Areas of system integration

• Integration with existing HIS
• Acquisition of images from medical equipment
• Cross-enterprise image sharing
• Structuring and tuning servers and storages
• Configuration and tuning DBMS

• Configuration of network infrastructure

• Installing other software applications

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