Data Migration Service

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Data Migration Service

Exceptional PACS replacement and
data migration services

INFINITT provides speedy and effective data migration and PACS replacement services. All medical images and patient information will be transferred safely and speedily while replacing the legacy PACS with the new one.


PACS replacement

PACS replacement refers to changing existing PACS to new PACS. When PACS is used for a long time, image loading slows down, the system does not fit in workflows and experiences frequent downtime.

If such problems occur constantly, medical staff and patients suffer all the inconveniences. Therefore, increasing numbers of healthcare institutions are considering PACS replacement.



When to consider PACS replacement

When the following symptoms occur frequently, it is time to consider PACS replacement.


PACS data migration

The most important factor in PACS migration is data migration. Data migration refers to moving a storage and DB of the currently used system to a storage and DB of another PACS.

INFINITT's PACS replacement workflow

Outstanding data migration services

With its know-how gained from extensive experiences in data migration, INFINITT provides the following services:

• Quick and trustworthy migration and tools
• Migration data verification and validation
• Matching DB information with image information
• 100% migration of images, reports, and patient information

• Configurable prefetch rules for various hospital settings
• Data clean-up

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