Remote Monitoring Service

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Remote Monitoring Service

Monitor your system performance remotely in real-time

INFINITT's remote monitoring service helps users respond to customer requests speedily and allows systems to operate efficiently, by connecting to customers' network devices and computer servers remotely.


Network Monitoring

The remote monitoring service provides complete control and visibility into clients' network. The service also offers an alert notification in advance when detecting risks and monitoring of clients' network via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), making the system more stable.


Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is one of the core components of a server operating system. Through continuous monitoring, detected problems are corrected automatically and the condition of an operating server is maintained efficiently.

- Application monitoring

- Service monitoring

- CPU, memory and disk utilization monitoring

- Alert


Analysis of the past records and provision of reports

The service provides functions to analyze the past records and produce reports according to the analysis. With such capabilities, users can better understand the use patterns of their customers and implement system environments accordingly.


Remote Control 

As the service is web-based, it reaches users through the client windows and servers, wherever they are, to solve problems. The service is operated securely with a SSL connection.

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