INFINITT Smart Service

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INFINITT Smart Service

Upgrade to the next generation INFINITT PACS
free of charge and enjoy continous solution upgrades

The INFINITT Smart Service is an innovative customer service raising the value of INFINITT PACS for our customers. Experience the convenience and excellence of the service which offers continuous solution upgrades and much more.



Inconveniences of existing PACS

• Cost burden for upgrades and introduction of newer versions 
• Difficulties in PACS operation and management
• Lack of connectivity with other medical facilities
• Fees for additional license purchase
• Inconveniences in interfacing PACS with other hospital IT systems and
  medical equipment

• Performance degradation of existing PACS


Why INFINITT Smart Service?

The current medical technologies and treatments are going through a drastic shift to digital convergence. Thus, without an optimal solution delivered to meet the change, hospitals may be at risk of lagging behind in the competition of the industry.

With an advent of new paradigms such as Web 2.0, software updates or resale policies that are only favorable to vendors have become a thing of the past. Rather, a service-centered model, such as Software and Service (SaaS), is an ideal policy in providing solutions. The model allows software vendors to promptly respond to the changes in the customers' business and to provide newer software technologies.



What is the INFINITT Smart Service?

As INFINITT was launching the next generation INFINITT PACS, it also introduced a newer concept of smart service. The service allows users to enjoy more advanced functions and services than the prior three-stage maintenance service (Basic-Advanced-Premium), while minimizing costs for adopting new PACS and replacing PACS.

With a three-year or longer contract for the Smart Service, hospitals can have their existing PACS upgraded to the next generation INFINITT PACS free of charge. Also, continuous solution upgrades and various extra services will be offered.

With the INFINITT Smart Service, an initial financial burden for PACS replacement is greatly reduced, while hospitals can enjoy the benefits of superior PACS services.

Characteristics of INFINITT PACS

 This service is only available in Korea.
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