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INFINITT TeleRadiology

Innovative approach to the delivery of radiology services

What is a TeleRadiology service?
TeleRadiology is the transmission of medical images from one location to a TeleRadiology specialized center for sharing and reading of radiology studies. INFINITT's TeleRadiology portal,, provides a high-quality tele-radiology service with excellent technology.

Process of INFINITT TeleRadiology service
Users can access the TeleRadiology service of from the PACS they are currently using. The images users requested for consulting are stored in the TeleRadiology service center, and tele-radiologists will access the images for reading online. Users can enjoy accurate and prompt reading services anywhere, anytime. Once tele-radiologists complete the reading, radiology reports will automatically transfer and be stored in the database of the referring hospital.

TeleRadiology process

Request for a tele-radiology service → Check referring hospital’s PACS (for DB Version, client
version, and H/W) → Set up G/W for tele-radiology (simultaneously upgrade DB and client)
Provide tele-training based on how to request radiology reading



Benefits of TeleRadiology services
High-quality reading by specialized TeleRadiology centers
• Premium service by specialized tele-radiologists
• Radiologists and consulting groups for each specialty
• Specialized reading services for different specialties
• Emergency reading services


The best & most commonly used PACS in Korea

• Convenient setup with INFINITT PACS
• Compliant with international standards of the industry (DICOM, HL7)
• Powerful and safe security functions
• Easy-to-use user interface
• Features for emergency cases, statistics, and integration with reports and more


Differentiated operation service

• Provides services for cases of temporary absence of radiologists in customer organizations
• Call center dedicated to tele-radiology
• Patient care support
• Quick response for emergency cases

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